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‘Tis the Season to be Jolly: Holiday Gift Ideas by ages and developmental stages

  • Posted on Dec 6, 2017

2-3 years: To encourage motor skills, offer tricycles, balls, bubbles, and boxes to crawl into and out of. Choose crayons over markers because crayons require a child to exert pressure and therefore develop hand strength.

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A little treat won’t hurt…

  • Posted on Dec 5, 2017

New research from the United Kingdom says that grandparents can play a role in their grandchild’s risk of cancer. Wait?…what?  Researchers looked at multiple studies across 18 different countries and examined the impact that grandparents

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‘Tis the Season to be Jolly: Holiday Gift Ideas by ages and developmental stages

  • Posted on Nov 29, 2017

It’s gift-giving season! We love pop culture, but if you are tired of GameStop gift cards or feeling a bit overwhelmed by the latest Disney movie or game system marketing, here’s a list of ideas

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  • Posted on Nov 21, 2017

  Most of the time when I talk about marijuana I’m discussing the effect on teenagers. Today I want to tell you about what is happening to our younger children. As more states legalize marijuana

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Prescribing Antibiotics

  • Posted on Nov 20, 2017

When is the correct time to prescribe antibiotics? The American Academy of Pediatrics published some excellent information on when we need and don’t need antibiotics.  See the following great information! 1.  My child has a

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Green Exercise

  • Posted on Nov 17, 2017

An area gaining recognition in the mental health literature is the benefit of “green exercise.” A literature review evaluating the impact of indoor versus outdoor exercise on mental health in 833 young adults found an

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Smart Bandage

  • Posted on Nov 14, 2017

This is cool. Last week I spoke to another doctor about her husband’s surgery. Knowing that infection was the number one complication, she wanted to peek at the site. The surgeon warned her to keep

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