A long to-do list

Ever heard of the Zeigarnik Effect? This psychological phenomenon explains why the multitude of undone to-dos on your long list taxes your mental energy by reminding you of everything else that you haven’t done. Try keeping 2 lists: an active/pertinent “to-do” list with things that need to get accomplished urgently. Then a second list of “wish list” items that you’d like to do some day, but don’t have a set time table. By slimming down your “to-do” list you’ll have less energy escape your brain when you look at it. This can be a helpful technique when teaching your kids time management skills and maybe giving them 3 tasks at a time to do.

If you can do these things: stop the sugar cravings/crashes, stop multitasking, clear the visual clutter, and narrow down your to-do list you are bound to have more energy and be more efficient throughout your day.

Sarah Caudle, PA-C