Some time ago, I sent out a message warning parents about gynecomastia (breast development) with the use of essential oils. Three healthy boys developed breasts after using the oils lavender and tea tree oil…fortunately, the condition reversed when they stopped using them. But the situation may be worse than we realized.

Researchers from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences will be presenting findings that lavender and tea tree oil may act like estrogen and block androgens like testosterone. Here’s what worried me…”Of note, according to Ramsey, these chemicals are not specific to lavender and tree tea oil and appear in 65 other types of essential oils as well”. YIKES.

A lot of people like the oils and believe they are helpful in different ways. But-there are actually few studies on the oils and there is a mixture of results including reports that say there were no benefits observed.

Now we know that they have the potential to harm. Another line bothered me..
“Disrupting sex hormone activity could affect body growth and cancer risk.”
Be very, very careful!
Information derived from Forbes (Pharma and Health) March 2018.

Susan Badaracco, Pediatrician and author of “The Oath” series