More proof that dogs are man’s best friend. Researchers in Canada showed that babies born in households with pets have higher amounts of microbes that may lower their risk for allergies…and obesity!  Anita Kozyrskyj and her researchers analyzed over 700 children and found that babies exposed to pets had an abundance of ruminococcus and oscillospira… and the exposure could have taken place up to 3 months before the baby was even born!  The theory is that early exposure to bacteria helps create a resistance and newborns get benefits even if the pet is removed from the home before the baby born.   The CDC reports that early pet exposure may help cut down the risk of Group B strep which can cause meningitis, pneumonia or blood infection in newborns.  Kozyrskyj thinks the pharmaceutical industry will find a way to package these microbes and created a ‘dog in a pill’.  So don’t worry if your dog licks your baby…but I will still pick up the poop from the yard and litter boxes!

-Dr. Badaracco