smokingAre we smoking?  Inside or out, doesn’t seem to matter in decreasing levels of cotinine, the metabolite of nicotine, exposure to our children.  Levels of cotinine measured are 7 times higher in children with smokers vs non-smokers.  In reports where smokers only smoke outside, the cotinine is still elevated in our kids at 5 times higher vs non-smokers.  At this point, 20% of American adults continue to smoke…this is a gradual win thru time when in 1950 about 50% of American adults smoked.  “We’ve come a long way, baby” (That is a reference to a cigarette advertisement, Virginia Slims Cigarettes, way back in time where it promoted women’s right to smoke!)

We know that tobacco smoke increases risk for ear infections, lung infections, wheezing and asthma flares.  When asthma occurs in children of smokers, they will experience more frequent and more severe exacerbations of their asthma.  Lung cancer is the top cancer worldwide.

Bottom line is that caregivers need to stop smoking, if only to live longer to see your grandchildren.  Ask us for ways to help you stop.