Conger’s Corner: Parents Fighting

  • Posted on Jun 8, 2017

Angry words and exchanges occur in all marriages.  We fight, we pout, we scream, we stomp out of the room, all in front of our children.  This happens.  These moments can be teaching moments of how to argue in a healthy manner, even if we do raise our voices.  What does not seem to happen on a routine basis is making up in front of our kids!  YES!  WE need to apologize and smile and kiss and hug each other when the storm has passed.  This behavior, as well, is a GREAT teaching moment.   Don’t forget that you leave your children in limbo when they only see the argument and not the reconciliation.  Their anxiety, whiny and irritable behavior increases.  They are trying to get your attention to reassure them.  Generally, we are not ready to reassure them in the heat of the moment.  However, making up teaches your child that it is ok to be angry and then to apologize, it also reassures them that the world is not falling in all around them!  I’m sorry goes a long way for your child’s mental health.

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