Cat allergy?

  • Posted on Jun 5, 2019
Allergic to Cats? I’ve got some GREAT news for you!
The Washington School of Medicine in St Louis just discovered that if cats are fed a certain diet, it decreases the allergic response in cat-allergy sufferers. Cat allergy is pretty common and the options for treatment are not great. And despite rumors, there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat.
The bad news?
You can’t get this at Pet Smart or Wal-Mart. The diet is called the Anti-Fel D1 IgY diet. (I suspect when they actually develop this for consumers it will be re-named!) I’m hoping a small change in a cats diet can reduce the itchy eyes, sneezing and wheezing that some of our kids get!
By the way…no cats were harmed in any of this research.
Susan Badaracco, MD