The best is yet to come

  • Posted on Dec 22, 2017

Picture   I admire my girlfriend’s never ending optimistic attitude toward life. She signs all her letters with Frank Sinatra’s song lyrics, “The Best is Yet to Come.” Says the same thing when the girls get together and raise their glasses of wine. I don’t, however, believe it…
I consider myself a realist. The new year is coming and it may hold the best for you. Maybe you’ll get a promotion, your teenager will be voted homecoming queen, you’ll see your unborn child’s heartbeat on the ultrasound. I hope that something happens so extraordinarily awesome that it rocks your world.
But along with all that incredible good fortune, you will suffer. Your air conditioner may breakdown in the middle of the worst heat wave in Texas, the IRS will discover a discrepancy in your taxes…you may lose a loved one. Thinking about those things doesn’t make me a pessimist. As I said, I’m a realist.
What’s the difference, you ask? Let me tell you. Read more on Dr.Badaracco’s blog:

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