Are your kids “bored” yet?

  • Posted on Jul 18, 2018

   When your kids whine about having nothing to do, it’s the perfect time to tap into their creative genius. “It’s good to be bored” we might try explaining, but they don’t seem to care. Studies show that “boredom” heightens imagination, motivation, and creative problem solving. Boredom provides an opportunity to invent possibilities. To help our kids reap the benefit of boredom, we need to be intentional about it and teach them the “art” of self-entertaining. We start too early trying to fill our kids schedules with “things to do” when it is good for them to sometimes “do nothing” and learn to fill their time themselves. So make space in your schedule for spacing out, allow them to daydream, it’s the link between boredom and creativity. Pay attention to them when they find a task or skill they want to learn/do – like playing a board game or making a recipe. Create a “help-yourself” home by organizing a house that offers plenty of alternatives to screens and boredom. This may include outdoor props and sporting goods, as well as indoor stuff, like books, games, instruments, arts and crafts, etc.


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