Now this is interesting…

Chlamydia is the nation’s most common sexually transmitted disease and untreated, it can lead to serious infections of the pelvic, ectopic pregnancies and infertility. And it’s on the rise. At Kids First, we’re trying to screen more teenagers…even if they say they’re not having sex. Because, not all teenagers feel comfortable confiding in us. But […]

Two unrelated studies. Both with surprising conclusions

For some time, we’ve seen a rise in obesity. There is a number of reasons that we all can admit to- too much fast food, not enough activity…but I have 2 additional causes that have really taken me by surprise. A Canadian Medical Association journal studied multi-surface cleaners and found that households that use them […]

Childhood and Parenting

I recently heard a segment on NPR that talked about how childhood and parenting have radically changed in the past few decades. This has led to the point where far more children today struggle to manage their behavior. That’s the argument Katherine Reynolds Lewis makes in her new parenting book, The Good News About Bad […]

Sibling Rivalry

I listened to a podcast and have been following this positive parenting coach online that offers a lot of cool tools and messages. Check out Wendy Snyder at  How to dissolve the power struggle with integrity without relying on fear, force, bribery, and rewards. Here are some notes from what I learned on Sibling […]

It’s an Epidemic!

The FDA is considering banning flavored e-cigs due to concerns that a huge amount of teenagers are using these nicotine devices. The result, as you would predict, will be more and more teenagers becoming addicted to nicotine. Teenagers, as we’ve pointed out before, have a higher risk of addiction compared to adults. The FDA has […]

Overuse injuries are more common in specialized athletes

With fall sports underway, I want to encourage our athletes, parents, and coaches to encourage their athletes to participate in multiple sports when possible.  A recent Pediatrics study following children and teens who were highly specialized in a single sport had 81% increased odds of having overuse injuries, compared with those with low sports specialization, […]

Teens with cell phones

Some statistics that we need to pay attention to… 70% of teenagers age 13-17 will check/use their cell phone multiple times a day. 57% report that it distracts them from homework. 54% report that it distracts them from other people. 44% admit being frustrated by friends who use their cell phone too much! 67% have […]