If they’re worried, I’m worried

I just read an interview of some ER doctors about the rise in synthetic cannabinoids (also known as K2 or Spice or legal marijuana). These drugs are causing a rise in ER visits and it’s got the doctors worried. Here’s why… Prior to 2015 the patients using these drugs and coming into the ER had […]

Fine-tuning your child’s fine motor skills

Wish your child had better hand-writing? Take him/her to the playground! Studies have shown that climbing, hanging, and swinging on monkey bars build strength in the upper body and core muscles. It also develops flexibility and agility in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, and fingers. By integrating large muscle activities with the hands, kids learn to […]

Baby Monitor

Wondering whether to get a monitor for your babies’ vital signs? Maybe not. A recent article in Reuter’s Health says that compared to hospital monitors two popular commercially available monitors performed poorly. The Owlet and the Baby Vida often sounded when the oxygen level was normal and sometimes missed oxygen levels that were too low. […]

Internet Dependence

According to a recent article in Pediatric News about 1 in 3 children aged 1-3 years showed moderate to severe signs of internet dependence! Most parents reported that their children used at least one hand held device (such as a phone or ipad). Of those that used the phone or tablet, 57% knew how to […]


You’ve probably seen the news about measles in the US. The CDC is reporting over 100 cases this year and they are raising concerns about its spread. But have you been watching what is going on in Europe? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), they’ve hit a record high with more than 41,000 people […]

Back to school tips for Parents and children

Revisit the organizational system. Go over the importance of staying organized! Whether your child uses a homework folder, student planner, or smartphone app, make sure they have a system in place and start the year off using it! Clean off desks and make sure your home is ready for the school year, with new pencils, […]

Toddler lunch

  I’m saddened and relieved by sending my toddler to school this fall. We played this crazy juggle game with family (thank you Nana and Grammy), friends, and a church intern for the past 16+ months to help take care of Cooper while my husband and I worked full-time. I have realized that the mental […]