Resources for your little ones

As a new mom myself, it is easy to get overwhelmed with information on your new little one. Here are some resources I have used over the past few months to help me learn the “mommy” side of pediatrics. Newborn Apps I like: Ovia Parenting Baby Center The Wonder Weeks – $ White Noise App […]

The flu vaccine saves lives

  We always knew it, but now a study done by the CDC in the journal Pediatrics, proves it.  US children who died of influenza were less likely to have received the vaccination. They looked at four years of pediatric deaths related to the flu. In children that died- 75% did not receive the vaccine.  […]


Did you know? Over 90% of surgeons listen to music while they are operating. While a few docs prefer silence, most of them use the noise to cover up other distracting noises in the operating room. Opening and closing doors can be annoying and so can the noise of some of the machines. Chatter can […]


  Melatonin can be helpful for people who have a circadian rhythm issue for their sleep problem. You can use melatonin 1-5 mg for kids to help reestablish a good sleep pattern. We also want kids off electronics at the very least an hour before bedtime and, even more ideal, after the sun goes down. […]

Celebration Time

We had a great time at the Winner’s Party for Best of Denton County while representing Kids First Pediatrics. Thank you once again for voting us Best Pediatric Practice and voting Dr. Conger Best Doctor in Denton County!  We are so honored and love our patients and families!

What? The flu vaccine again?

Here are some updates on this year’s flu vaccine and why it should be on your child’s back to school to do list… -This year’s flu vaccine is slightly different from last year’s– it’s been changed to cover a different strain of circulating H1N1 influenza. Several flu vaccines have been FDA approved for this year’s […]

BRUSH up on your knowledge of teeth!

How to take care of teeth with these facts and tips from experts on children’s oral health: – Brushing should start before a child has teeth. Wipe a baby’s gums with a soft infant toothbrush or wet cloth – Baby’s first teeth start to show around 6 months – 20-30% of kids grind and clench […]