Your baby is amazing!

We have known for quite some time that a baby recognizes the sound of his mother’s voice from the time of birth. But new information is out that goes beyond that…  Adults who were adopted as children from South Korea but raised by Dutch speaking families were able to pronounce Korean consonants after a short training […]

Toddler Tantrums

  Parenting tips: How to improve toddler behavior Toddlers are infamous for tantrums and other behavior issues. To encourage listening and cooperation, follow these parenting tips.  Life can be frustrating for toddlers. Though eager to be independent, young children can’t always move as swiftly as they’d like or clearly express their needs. They also tend […]

The Power of a Smile

Smiles are contagious! Not only do you look and feel good when you smile, others who see you smile, find it hard not to smile themselves! Research has shown that smiling stimulates our brain reward mechanism in much the same way as chocolate does. (And it has no calories!) There are documented therapeutic effects of […]

Reduce sugar intake

Three action steps to reduce sugar intake today! 1. Stop buying low fat/fat free packaged foods 2. Eliminate sugar sweetened beverages 3. Don’t eat foods that have sugar listed as one of the first three ingredients -Leigh Gistinger, CPNP

Playing Multiple Sports

  America loves sports.  Our kids love sports.  Generally, sports build teamwork, self esteem and responsibility.  However, almost 30% of our youth participate in only one type of sport.  This intense focus on one sport throughout the year increases injury and has a 70% drop out rate by 13 years of age.  In contrast, kids […]

Is it the Flu or just a cold?

Parents ask us every day how they can tell if their child has the flu or just a common cold. Here’s how: Colds, even really yucky ones, start out gradually. Think back to your last cold: first your throat felt scratchy or sore, then the next day your nose got stuffy or then started running […]


Could you be doing ‘time-out’ wrong? About 75% of parents report using ‘time-out’ for misbehavior but a large percent of parents are not using this technique correctly. In a survey of 400 parents of children aged 15 months to 10 years, parents were reporting that the ‘time-out’ discipline was not working. However, further investigation showed […]