Is the DockATot safe?

  • Posted on Nov 15, 2017

As an exhausted new parent you’re desperate for sleep, however you’re babies safety is your top priority! First, let’s clarify that when we’re talking about sleep safety, we’re talking about RISK. Yes, plenty of babies

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Smart Bandage

  • Posted on Nov 14, 2017

This is cool. Last week I spoke to another doctor about her husband’s surgery. Knowing that infection was the number one complication, she wanted to peek at the site. The surgeon warned her to keep

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Creepy, Crawly Lice – Importance Lessons in Lice!

  • Posted on Nov 13, 2017

Now that school is in full swing we are seeing outbreaks of those pesky little creatures called Lice!  Lice are not dangerous and they don’t spread disease, but they can make a scalp very itchy.

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Music therapy and Autism

  • Posted on Nov 9, 2017

  Sometime you want something to be true but it just isn’t. We see that all the time. Parents that believe that by avoiding vaccinations, they can save their children from autism. Too many studies

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Flu-vaccine Myth Buster

  • Posted on Nov 8, 2017

The good news is that there was only a smattering of influenza (flu) cases across the United States over the summer. The great news is that according to the Centers for Disease Control, most of

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Introducing the Kitten Scanner

  • Posted on Nov 7, 2017

Mr. Elephant got good news. It turns out the reason he had a bellyache was simple. When he swallowed that last gulp of water, he accidentally swallowed some fish with it. His young doctor showed

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  • Posted on Nov 6, 2017

How much protein do kids really need?  Why do we need protein? These are common questions a well check visits. The good news is that most kids are probably getting plenty of protein! Protein is

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